964 CUP Vip car 1992 (replica)


Year of construction






964 Cup Replica


3.6 L. 300 pk,

5 –gearbox, with sper differential and RS clutch,

18 inch replica Speedline rims semi slicks,

Heigo cage with DMSB pas, fire extinguisher/ seats/ seatbelts FIA approved, detachable steering wheel,

Bilstein, original 964 CUP, RS /CUP brakes  incl. Pagid

Based on a C2 body converted by us to a 964 CUP replica similar to the VIP car from 1992.

This car is ready to drive, ready to race.

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This beautiful car is a replica of the official 964 Cup VIP car from 1992, you can view the original car in the gallery below on the first photo.


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