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Naturally, Speed Service, the Porsche 911 specialist, will be at the MECC InterClassics Maastricht again in 2021, but it will be designed slightly different:

Dutch Grand Prix theme at summer edition of 2021 InterClassics Maastricht


The 28th edition of InterClassics Maastricht, initially scheduled for 14 through 17 January 2021 at MECC Maastricht, will now be held from 24 through 27 June 2021. COVID-19 presents too many persistent uncertainties for us to be able to guarantee the quality of the fair, in addition to the fact that our priority is the health and well-being of participants and visitors. In consultation with sponsors and stakeholders, the organisation has therefore decided to move the event to June 2021. The history of the Dutch Grand Prix will be the central theme during the summer edition of InterClassics Maastricht at MECC Maastricht.  

Dutch Grand Prix Classics - the cars, the legends InterClassics Maastricht in June 2021 will revolve around the Dutch Grand Prix Classics theme. The last official F1 car race at the Circuit Zandvoort track was held on 25 August 1985. 2020 was supposed to have been the year of the Dutch Grand Prix, an occasion the entire Formula 1 world was looking forward to. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that it wasn’t possible to hold the F1 race on Dutch soil this year. There is, however, hope for 2021. The exhibition in June will take a look back at the ‘Dutch Grand Prix Classics, the cars & the legends’ and in cooperation with various museums and private collectors, a unique collection of F1 cars from Circuit Zandvoort’s history will be on display.  Opportunities ‘Apart from the disappointment of being forced to postpone the exhibition a few months, the situation also offers opportunities. In June we will be able to take optimal advantage of the brand-new MECC Maastricht conference centre which will be completed in early March 2021. This means we will have more space at our disposal and allows us to hold the event at a safe corona-proof venue. Holding the event in June also means warmer temperatures with more sun, giving us the opportunity to organise various activities such as a “young-timer & old-timer market” at the MECC Maastricht outdoor areas. Together with our participants, sponsors and stakeholders, we are convinced that this is the best decision and are very confident that we will once again be putting on yet another great edition of InterClassics Maastricht in June,” according to Erik Panis, InterClassics exhibition manager.


Speed ​​Service is an independent Porsche specialist and has no ties to the PON dealer organization