Porsche 935 DP Flatnose

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935 DP-1 Flatnose


different options possible


different options possible


Depends on options the customer desires

Completely from scratch, newly built 935 DP-1. The original DP Bodykit has been mounted by our team in a very professional way.

The basis of this very unique 935 DP-1 Flatnose is a rust-free and damage-free body.


This beautiful 935 DP-1 is equipped with a 930 Turbo rear axle including wishbones. The entire chassis including brakes of a 930 Turbo have also been implemented. The chassis has been blasted and powder coated in its entirety. Furthermore, this 935 DP-1 is equipped with new bearings and suspension bushes.

To finish it optically, we have placed special 3-piece BBS rims under this special Porsche.


This 935 DP-1 Flatnose is a CUSTOM BUILD project, which means that the project, as we present it to you, can be completed entirely according to your personal wishes.

Whether you dream of a 3.2 liter engine or a 3.3 Turbo or a 3.6 Turbo, we can implement all of this according to your wishes. Of course we have all the specialized knowledge in-house, so that every engine is also equipped with the corresponding gearbox and other technical modifications.


You also have a free hand in the choice of the interior, whether it concerns the color or type of upholstery, the type of seats, etc.

This 935 DP-1 will be completely personalized for you! The price of this CUSTOM BUILD project therefore also depends on your personal wishes. All options are negotiable. Are you looking for a ONE OFF A KIND personalized Porsche? Please contact us quickly, we will be happy to assist you with further questions, etc.


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