Restoration and overhaul

Also in the field of restoration we strive for perfection. Both partial and full restorations will be executed in our workshop.






Revisions of engines, gearboxes, we do it all in house. Engine overhaul we will do exclusively for the boxer engine, here the cylinders are in pairs opposite each other. This makes the engine not only flatter, but also more balanced. A beautiful piece of technology. A particular sound. These boxer engines are found in the old Porsche 356 and all 911 models, including the current 911.







For complete restorations we make a step by step plan for the client, to make clear what amount of work has to be done on a Porsche. This give a clear overview of the cost of the restoration. Also, we try to involve our customers as much as possible, to the restoration of their Porsche involved.





We also have our own paint cabin. Painting a car is precision work. Our customers are real enthusiasts. If their car should be sprayed  it should produce the perfect result. Hence we have two own painters / sheet metal workers employed, two very good craftsmen with both more than 25 years of experience in editing and spraying.






Besides the paint cabin, we also have our own sanding room, and of course a buildup area. So we have the entire project from A to Z in-house and we can guarantee the right quality.


For more information on various restoration projects you can look in our menu under restoration. You can select any project, so you can find more pictures and information about that specific project.





We also have a professional Celette straightening bench. Celette's unique principle is recognized worldwide as the most efficient and reliable targeting system in the world. Even with slight structural damage, working with the Celette mold and measuring system proves a quick and efficient recovery.


Purpose of the Celette bank: to better understand what can and can not be restored so that the correct calculation can be made.


Speed ​​Service is an independent Porsche specialist and has no ties to the PON dealer organization